Resources Used By BlogBuzzs


Resources Used By BlogBuzzs

This page is about BlogBuzzs resources, which means the resources used in creating BlogBuzzs Blogs. we use lots of websites for creating a single blog for you guys. Some of them are paid and some free to use commercially. We are going to tell our favorite resource
(websites/apps) that we use while creating a unique Blog. The list is very small But it will help you some way. Exited and want to know the favorite resources of BlogBuzzs.

Here is the list:-

Images Used In BlogBuzzs Blogs

We use images in our Blog on large scale. We are not only who uses images in their Blog, Many other Blog Giants also use images on large scale. Because Image makes a Blog attractive and main while it makes the Blog or article unique than others who do not use images a lot.

Some popular image stores are:

Unsplash: It offers a large number of high-quality images and mainly it does not cost anything ( free/cost less ). This website is the first choice for photographers and creators like BlogBuzzs. It also good in sense of SEO because it provides a backlink to its photo uploader.

PixaBay: It is also like Unsplash but a little bit of difference.PixaBay offers high-quality images, illustrations, vector graphics, film clips, music. And a big advantage is that it is free. Sometimes we also use this website for better creation of Blogs.

Logo Used In BlogBuzzs Blogs

Everyone needs a logo maybe for a website or any kind cards ( visiting card, identification card, business card, etc.).We also use the logo for our Website. Logos are the best ways to share your idea or anything in a visual way that helps in rapid communication. Having a good logo means good communication.

For better Logos We use:

LogoMakr: It is a free/paid website that offers a quick logo in between 5 minutes. You can make a Quick beautiful logo in just 5 minutes or less if you have a great idea. It offers lots of symbols, shapes, and a search bar where you can search for your favorite symbols and shapes. Mainly it is a quick way to create a logo in just five minutes.

Video Used In BlogBuzzs Blogs

Again like images videos are also an important part of a better Blog. We use videos for a better understanding of our Blogs.

Pixabay: It is the best for the selection of film clips or videos. It is costless and it provides a high-quality video. We use Pixabay a lot when we want any video for our blogs.

Themes And Templates Used In BlogBuzzs Blogs

Theme and Templates are the soles of any Blogging Website like BlogBuzzs.
We Generally use Themelock for our Themes And Templates uses. It offers premium Themes and templates for free.



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